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We believe in realising the full potential of our own, through a series of rewards, recognition, staff benefits and training, all in place.
More Opportunities At Work

More Opportunities

At Work

At McDonald's, we believe the best work gets done when it doesn't feel like work at all. So we make sure everyone has fun on the job as we work on serving up the best family restaurant experience ever, together. And did we mention flexible schedules, awesome training, and the opportunity to turn your part-time or full-time job into a solid career at one of the world's largest food service companies? You're gonna be great here!

Great Progression!

At McDonald's, our Restaurant Management Trainees are on the fast track to becoming Restaurant General Managers in just three years*. And when you get there, we'll groom you to become a Business Consultant who oversees five or more of McDonald's million-dollar turnover restaurants. Keen to explore beyond Restaurant Operations? You can take up lateral transfer opportunities in functions such as Marketing, Supply Chain, and Human Resources too. So how do we achieve all these with you? Think awesome leadership and business management training, along with our Continuous Lifelong Learning Programme (CLLP).

Since 2004, our CLLP have enabled McDonald's restaurant employees to realise their higher education dreams. We've also been sending our managers for regular training and development courses to help them stay on track for excellence and growth.

At McDonald's, we're a big fan of passion. If you've always dreamt of running a restaurant, we'll gladly show you the way to lead and operate a food business like a seasoned entrepreneur. And when you get there, we'll get you ready for even bigger roles at one of the world's largest food service companies.

Be More

Be More

More than just a job.

Because a job at McDonald's gives you more. More space and flexibility – for studies and other pursuits. More investment in your personal growth. More training and career development. More than you've ever imagined.

And 'more' does not mean less fun. In fact, you'll meet colleagues who become friends, and friends whose family work together at McDonald's. After all, who said you can't have fun on the job? Only because a job at McDonald's is more than just a job.

Career Overview

Career Overview

As a leading global employer, McDonald's provides a world of rewarding career opportunities both in and beyond the restaurant. Here, we believe every crew can become a leader, a manager and even a business consultant. Whether you are a full-time or part-time employee, we have an established series of training programmes to help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to realise your potential and climb the career ladder.

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